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Physical Exams Specialist

Isaac Medical Group

Primary Care Provider & Sports Medicine located in Deerfield Beach, FL

Physical exams are an essential part of a preventive health care plan, and you should schedule one every year at Isaac Medical Group. At the Deerfield Beach, Florida, office, primary care provider Emmanuel Isaac, DO, performs comprehensive physical exams for adults and children over the age of two to ensure they’re healthy. Dr. Isaac also offers school physicals, employer physicals, and sports physicals that he personalizes to your unique health needs. To schedule physical exams for you and your family, call Isaac Medical Group or book an appointment online today.

Physical Exams Q&A

What happens during physical exams?

Physical exams are routine health evaluations that ensure your body is functioning optimally. Adults and children over the age of two should have an annual physical once a year, even if they’re feeling fine and not experiencing any symptoms.

During physical exams, Dr. Isaac spends time reviewing your personal and family medical history, your lifestyle and diet, and any concerns you have about your health. You can also expect a comprehensive physical exam of your body, so Dr. Isaac can note important information about your health such as your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Heart rate
  • Lung function
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature

He checks your skin health and evaluates the strength and flexibility you have in your joints. In children, Dr. Isaac also assesses spine health to identify conditions like scoliosis in the earliest stage.

As part of your routine physical, Dr. Isaac recommends ways to improve your overall health and reduce your risk for chronic diseases. He may suggest diet modifications to support weight loss and daily exercise to manage stress.

If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, your annual physical exam is a great time to discuss them with Dr. Isaac.

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals are physical exams that focus on your ability to safely participate in sports. Dr. Isaac also provides resources that help you improve your game and reduce your risk for sports-related injuries like sprains, strains, and fractures.

Even if the organization you play for doesn’t require a sports physical as part of your registration, Dr. Isaac recommends having one to ensure you’re in top physical condition. 

What are school physicals?

School physicals are part of a child’s preventive care. Most schools require a routine physical before kids can attend school or engage in school-related activities. School physicals may also apply to older students and adults who are attending college.

This type of wellness visit gives Dr. Isaac the opportunity to ensure your child is updated on vaccinations. He can also identify underlying issues that affect a child’s physical, mental, social, and emotional health or their academic performance.

What are employer physicals?

An employer physical is a pre-employment physical exam that evaluates your physical and mental ability to perform a job. During this type of physical, Dr. Isaac also offers guidance to protect you from work-related accidents and overuse injuries that are common in some occupations.

Many employers require a physical before starting a job to protect you and your co-workers’ health and safety. Dr. Isaac recommends scheduling a physical before starting any new job, even if the company doesn’t require one.

To schedule a physical exam, including a sports, school, or employer physical, call Isaac Medical Group or book an appointment online today.

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